Tossed salad and scrambeled eggs-By Ken Levine: The story behind "Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs"

I was told they wanted something pretty eclectic and jazzy, but to avoid any direct references to specific subject matter. Once we agreed on this premise by the time I fully understood it , we went into completing the song. I actually did contribute a couple lines, but the heavy lifting here was Darryl, and lucky for me that I went to him to him in the first place. When I first wrote the song, I instantly thought of the great jazz singer, Mel Torme. He would have been perfect, but the producers wanted me to try Kelsey….

At first I was a bit baffled myself until he explained that these were things that were "mixed up"…. It must be the funniest show ever. Now that is downright hillarious! I always just figured it had to do with strange food egs being a psycological thing. Beat, then he deadpanned, "Ah. What is a boy to do?

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Why, during all of this talk about the song, is Gary Burton, who p[lays it with his group behind the singing, not even mentioned? Thanks as always for a great blog! Recipe from blog Cooked by Julie. I thought it meant he ate eggs and they ran right through him Only THIS time, it did. You can get the disk set at www. Ane post. Repressed anger much? Recipe from blog The Recipe File. I believe it was his way of saying he was bi-sexual. I am puzzled.

It's one of the most memorable sitcom theme songs of the s but what does Frasier' s "Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs" actually mean?

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It's one of the most memorable sitcom theme songs of the s but what does Frasier' s "Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs" actually mean? Frasier Crane first appeared during season 3 of Cheers as the new love interest of Diane, and while he was only supposed to last a few episodes, Kelsey Grammer's performance proved so popular he ended up appearing in over episodes. His loss would prove to be Grammer's gain, because when Cheers shut its doors for the final time in , Frasier immediately earned his own spin-off.

Frasier found the title character moving to Seattle to take a radio hosting job while reconnecting with his ex-cop father. The series was acclaimed for its superb comic writing and performances and would ultimately run for 11 seasons. The show came to an end in with Frasier moving to a new city in hopes of making a new fresh start. Reports suggest Grammer may return for a revival series, which has yet to receive a greenlight.

The show's distinctive main theme "Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs" is sung by Kelsey Grammer himself, and ranks alongside the likes of Friends "I'll Be There For You" as one of the most recognizable sitcom themes of the era.

What the lyrics actually mean is something of a mystery, however, as they don't seem to apply to the show. He contacted musician friend Darryl Phinnesse, who suggested using "Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs," since they're both things that are mixed up, like Frasier's patients.

Breaking "Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs" down like that helps give the theme a whole new meaning, and is more proof that Frasier was one of the best-written sitcoms to grace televisions. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.

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A very quick and easy curry. Meanwhile, cut. I was watching it on late night TV but got sick and tired with the station screwing around with the time slots on re-runs. Just having a lazy Sunday morning watching Frasier repeats here in the UK. He is nothing short of genius. I love the show Fraiser always has. Recipe from blog Dragon's Kitchen.

Tossed salad and scrambeled eggs. About KEN LEVINE

DHP however is the one I love the most. I am in mid season ten and am already lamenting that it will soon be over. Then onto Wings I suppose. On a different note. I am puzzled. Her room has always been down the hall from where the piano sits. Why, during all of this talk about the song, is Gary Burton, who p[lays it with his group behind the singing, not even mentioned? This is brilliant! I'm a long time fan of the show.

Watched all episodes when it was on the air and now I have it's dvds and watching everyday! Most wonderful thing ever produced on TV! I always just figured it had to do with strange food cravings being a psycological thing. Always wondered if there was a specific episode that went into detail about Frasier craving salad and scrambled eggs.

Now I know why there's not. Yeah, Niles stole the show on Frasier Enjoyed the writing on that show, top notch. Its cool to hear the explanation of the theme song finally. The information here on the theme song is very enlightening. I always wondered about the words, especially the phrase, "They're calling again". In my youth, that phrase referred to something that a person ate that was being regurgitated, so then the thought of salad and eggs made me think of someone who was eating a clash of foods that would make them sick.

I'm glad that is all cleared up for me now! Thank you! Thank you Ken Levine Come to this post late but I've just booked a holiday to Seattle, so thought of Frasier, rather than Starbucks. Big fan of the show and good to have had two British actors. Niles Crane and fainting from blood gets me every time. Good to hear the lyrics meaning from the actual writer - if that's what they mean then no extrapolation is needed. Jess from London, England.

A bit late, but just for info. I love Frasier and I've been binging watching it on Netflix lately. Soooo happy to be able to read this explanation of the song. What I'd like to know is- why at the beginning of the show they drawn outline of the city is shown.. Does this signify anything?? After watching Frasier for over 20 years, I now understand the story behind the theme song! Love me some Frasier. Just having a lazy Sunday morning watching Frasier repeats here in the UK. First episode finishes, and I am reminded that the meaning of the 'tossed salad' playout theme has been annoying me since it originally aired.

So, thankfully, now I know! I'm so happy to read this explanation, the song always bothered me cause it made no sense.

Worse, I found the slang description for tossed salad and got grossed out. I'm relieved to see it meant something else. I have a LOT of tossed salads an scrambled eggs! My 90 yr. This has been driving me MAD for nearly 20 years now. Finally, the mystery is solved, the message uncoded. Sorry, I love the show and the belly laughs I feel, but cringe when I hear Kelsey try to simulate a jazz singer on his theme song. He doesn't have the innuendos or smooth jazz sound for this theme. He tries to sing it with jazz styling but still sings it like a stage singer, which his voice really is.

And a great stage voice he has. But he holds some lines far too long like trying to show off his vibrato " I'd hate to hear him try to sing in a jazz vocal group and harmonize. His voice is too cutting and full of edge. I sang with The Lettermen in , American's most romantic trio and soft harmony was our trademark. I am also a connoisseur of jazz vocal groups - but can't beat Mel Torme as a jazz soloist. I had to so some solos too, and could sing big when the song required - you have to be able to adapt your voice to the style.

Sorry but Kelsy doesn't do that. And it's "whose" not "who's" at the top of the blog post. Excellent piece. Kelsey Grammer's rendition of the song was perfect and fitting, and he made it his own. I'm just sorry that Frasier ran for only 11 seasons.

I miss the show and hope that at some point they might do a reunion show. I'm really glad you posted. I've been wondering about this for a long time, especially as a musician and published poet. I thought it was the dumbest song ever but now it makes sense. That lousy closing theme was the only thing I really disliked about the show Frasier. Otherwise, it was a great little sophisticated sitcom, with sharp writing and a a fine cast.

But having to sit through Kelsey Grammer singing "Scrambled eggs all over my face! Even with the explanation, the song still sucks. Very cleaver how you got around the criteria's of what you could used. But, not everyone has the guts to be so bold, so forward or so original.

It is so tender and touching and beautiful. This has been asked a few times over the years but no answers except one mention of "Hiphen - Mystical Things Have Happened" which I can find zero info on. Baby i hear the blues a callin Blue balls, perhaps? Tossed salad and Scrambled Eggs Two wildly obvious sexual terms And maybe i seem a bit confused Frasier always acted gay, yet he dated women beards?

But baby, i got you pegged Pegged? They're calling again. He needs to feed Scrambled eggs all over my face. Happens when you toss a salad a certain way Don't let bullshitters bullshit you about obvious things.

This was early infiltration and subterfuge. I know this post is old but, I just had to comment. I love the show Fraiser always has. I have been watching it since I was a senior in high school in I never understood the song at the end but now I know!

Very interesting. Thank you for this post! Just like Rocky and Bullwinkle which was a cartoon for adults, the writing is superb, subtle, and clever including the chapter titles. We watch all of the episodes over and over again. Have to agree that DHP's silent piece about ironing his pants, fainting from the blood, etc has us on the floor as well as the couple with huge noses talking about their "2 Giant Schnauzers". There is a little bit of inherent knowledge to know that schnauzer means snout or nose in German.

Whoever asked why Gary Burton's name never came up He has the chops to play that beautifully and his bass player was spot on as well. Now, let's all send some money for D McEwan's psychotherapy. It has really been coming to the forefront of my mind within the past 3 years but for some reason, the curiosity never presented itself when I was online.

Only THIS time, it did. I watch "Frasier" in syndication on Comcast's Hallmark channel from 1am on though I think they have gone wayyy too far with the censorship of words that are said even on regular network TV; it's rather annoying when these now common "adult language" words are used everywhere on every other show.

Always loved "Frasier", the openings enjoying predicting what scene will happen over the Seattle skyline , and truthfully, the fact that the plucky music gives way to the show quickly and the theme accompanies the credits at the end.

Very clever and appreciated in this case. Now knowing what each lyric means, it makes so much sense. Further, it won't frustrate me each time I hear them, as that was building up turning me into a tossed salad and scrambled eggs! Thank you for your post. Clearly I'm not alone in curiosity of the lyrics as this blog has comments going back to and up through current Thanks for clearing this up!

Now, tis time to make scrambled eggs truly! That's one step closer. Now a new question If so, can't locate one, or any information about such, so I wonder if they had it commissioned for the show? It's really very calm and touching. LOVE the original, but this slow, ethereal take is just so calming and glowing.

I can't believe there is so much disparity in what this little song is about. I thought it meant he ate eggs and they ran right through him I can't believe there is so much disparity about what this little song is about. I'm not trying to be funny, but I've thought it meant the eggs he had for breakfast ran right through him and since they are calling again he had to run to the bathroom.

I see I was way off. I understand now and actually it looks like many of us way over thought this one I just purchased who whole series on DVD. I was watching it on late night TV but got sick and tired with the station screwing around with the time slots on re-runs.

I grew up watching this show and I never tire from it. For someone who has lost a lot of people and things in ones life, it's nice to know that I will always have Frasier to provide laughter and comfort. Best therapy if you ask me. Sasha from Australia. My husband said he hated the show, so I've watched shows here and there over the years. I laugh myself to sleep watching it. I love the song.

I love that Kelsey sings it! I love everything about the show! It must be the funniest show ever. And yes, it does speak to the intellect of true adults. Thanks for all your work. I love the show! I always thought it was just some dumb song about a guy who can't cook and possibly needs a woman in his life. I figured maybe it was taken from some broadway show, thus made no sense out of context. However, to be able to finally read this explanation is absolutely wonderful! It all makes perfect sense now, really clever, great song.

I had always felt somehow "left out" not understanding the lyrics. Now I feel included! Little details like this matter to me, and can bug me at a subconscious level. For the record, for years I had no idea it was Mr Grammar singing it.

I assumed it was some professional singer, and I really like his version. He brings so much personality to it, which I'm not sure if Mel Torme would have done as much no disrespect to him.

Not to mention that it's always wonderful when a show's lead actor sings his own theme tune. Another good example of this is the classic Australian kids' show "Round The Twist". Goodness thank you - been watching on Netflix and it is safe to say that I wouldn't have deciphered the meaning for myself in a million years :. It is very important for a fan of a show, especially if he is a foreigner, to understand all aspects of the production.

Thank you for your excellent post. Also, the ending part, " scrambled eggs all over my face" is a reference to having egg on your face, meaning to look stupid.

And it always happens in episodes where Frasier does something very stupid or embarrassing. Thank you for this. My daughters have been watching Frasier lately and I overheard one ask the other what the lyrics meant. She replied, "Nothing," so I did a quick Google search just in case and we are all delighted.

All this is very interesting, except that Kelsey Grammer didn't sing the song. The song was actually sung by the great Jazz and Blues singer, Joe Williams, also noted for singing with the great Count Basie Orchestra.

Joe Williams also makes the comments at the end of the song. Let's give credit where credit is due. Tossing salad is slang for licking a butthole, and scrambling eggs is obviously licking balls. As a teenager I always laughed at the end song, especially when he said "scrambled eggs all over my face, what's a boy to do! So juvenile, I know, but hey I was like 14 when I first started watching it. Obviously I know they didn't intend anything dirty, but it was fun as a teen to laugh at the inadvertently hilariously gross imagery.

Especially contrasted with how highbrow the show was, ha. Good times. And he follows up with scrambled eggs all over my face. Google it guys. Either the jokes on him or he thought he was pulling one over on the majority after all, it was before google.

Or was it played by studio musicians specifically for the show? As for Mr. Grammer singing the song, there may well be a financial explanation. As comics began starring in successful sitcoms, they learned singing or composing the title song also generates revdnue, including the afterlife of syndication. Agents learned this trick too and presumably put it in their clients deal ny the 90's. Totally agree. He sounded just like a typical blues singer in a Seattle nightclub.

If I hadn't seen it in the credits I would not have known it's him. Mind you I'm on s01e Now that is downright hillarious! You manifest a keen Frazier-like psychoanalysys psychbabble of the obvious. A comedy writer in your future perchance? Just ask Dennis Waterman about singing the theme tune! It's now and I've been watching Frasier repeats in the UK and finally wondered what the song is all about enough to actually Google it and found this page, thank you!

For years, I think I just assumed it was about Frasier's fancy dining out in Seattle restaurants but I obviously never thought it through!

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Frasier: Tossed Salads & Scrambled Eggs Meaning Explained

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