Huey lewis crotch bulge-Why I Love Men — Huey lewis dick print, Josh groban dick print,

Discussion in ' Models and Celebrities ' started by yandrsupreme , May 22, Big cocks or bulges on album covers? Most Liked Posts. Joined: Jul 19, Messages: Likes Received: What are some of your favorites from over the years?

Huey lewis crotch bulge

Huey lewis crotch bulge

Huey lewis crotch bulge

Huey lewis crotch bulge

Reminds of the scene in Spinal Tap We heard he had one of his famous models Seymour take a dump in a kitty liter box!!! And speaking of humble Irishmen, Colin Farrell, per his own description, made our Smallest Penises list—but not so, if you ask a more reliable source, like your own eyeballs, or, Christie Buckner, who claimed, "it looks like a baby wandered into a bush, grabbed an apple, Huey lewis crotch bulge stuck Huey lewis crotch bulge his arm out to show Mommy. Jon's Hamm has since joined SAG and is currently auditioning for speaking roles. Ed have something in common! This is a basic guideline of what you can possibly expect. Known to be a sweet guy who is fun in bed.

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Thanks, by the way, to our cover boy for this post, the athletic screen star Cornel Wilde. What was your favorite Huey Lewis song? I really think you should check out Sam Elliot in the movie Frogs. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I listened to them constantly on one of those little record players that had one tiny little speaker bhlge Huey lewis crotch bulge in and could be folded up into a suitcase. Will he bulgee won't he? Tell your doctor if you hve an erection lasting more than four hours. Sarrazin seems to have something hairy in his pocket, too! There's something sort of simplistic and chintzy about it, yet it remains watchable, thanks Huey lewis crotch bulge no small part to Mr. Prometheus co-star Charlize Theron said it best when she said Fassbender's "penis was a revelation" and she is "available to work with it any time. Remember Eve nicholson porn basketball players had legs and oh so short shorts?

The year-old rapper decided, rather generously, to share his prodigious penis with the world on Thursday, via a semi clad selfie that he posted on his Instagram.

  • By Rachel Quigley and Linda Massarella.
  • That phone scene in "Ice Castles"
  • By Rachel Quigley.

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So many times Said it was forever Said our love would always be true Something in my heart always knew I'd be lying here beside you On my own On my own On my own. So many promises never should be spoken Now I know what loving you cost Now we're up to talking divorce And we weren't even married On my own Once again now One more time By myself.

I'm on my own Why did it end this way On my own This wasn't how it was supposed to be On my own I wish that we could do it all again. So many times I know I could have told you Losing you it cut like a knife, hey You walked out and there went my life I don't want to live without you On my own This wasn't how it was supposed to end On my own I wish that we could do it all again On my own I never dreamed I'd spend one night alone.

By myself On my own, I've got to find where I belong again On my own I've got to learn how to be strong again On my own I never dreamed I'd spend one night alone By myself by myself, by myself I've got to find out what was mine again On my own My heart is saying that it's my time again On my own And I have faith that I will shine again On my own I on my own have faith on my own in me.

His nickname from all the groupies was "horse" because of his penis size. He was a pussies hound. Not into dudes. Great blue-eyed soul singer and performer, but basically hijacked the hard rock sound of the original Doobies when he joined and took over. They never had the same fame or following after Minute by Minute even though I think that was their most successful LP.

He was hot back in the day. Saw the Doobies when he was with them. I enjoyed masturbating in bed, not at the concert! That was when I began to lose interest in them. When they finally split I thought that it was about time. I've been investigating Michael's sizemeat seeking for some kind of verificata. And this man was popular in the 70's for christsake when even my grandmother was showing a visible penis line! Yes, lets have some verficstia of Michael McDonald's sizemeat Some of us dont mind men that look their age,R Even jowly,hes sexy.

You,on the other hand,probably look like an anorexic 60 year old trying desperately to look You're doubtlessly all over those insipid plastic surgery threads. Pathetic shrieking harpy bitter fuggo queen much? So, "Getting laid" is your value system? You must feel quite validated, being the back alley cum-gobbling disease-ridden old hag-slut you are.

There is not one picture on all of he intrawebs, intranets, and interwebs, showing that succulent meat. I need to see it, and then I shall grant my approval and stamp his paperwork with Sizemeat Verificata Prime Meat Approval!! Agree with you, R There are way too many queens who post here yeah, I'm looking at you, R25 who think their ability to get laid makes their shit not stink and makes them eligible for the Congressional Medal of Honor.

R27, I agree. Show us the verificatia please! I want to believe it, because he's sexy as hell. Help me believe it! Btw, R27 or anyone else, do you also have verificatia of Huey Lewis's sizemeat in either story, anecdote or visual evidence form? I know this isn't our favorite movie but this scene was great. Are you so large that you are self conscious and wiped all of that glorious pendulosity off of the intranets? If I've said it once, i'll say it again!

My Auntie Gertrude showed more bulge in her palazzo pants than you showed from ! David Dye interviewed him on the radio show World Cafe about 4 or 5 years ago. He came across as a humble, nice guy.

Anyway, I never cared much for him. I never particularly liked his voice. The only thing I ever heard about him, gossip-wise, was that Debralee Scott was his girlfriend for a while. For everyone. Many years ago when he was promoting his song with Patti Labelle they interviewed him in the studio.

He was wearing running shorts and sneakers. Nice thighs-well shaped and furry. I like some of the McDonald era Doobies a lot, and his first solo album, but yeah, some of the later 80s stuff slides into ick.

I remember seeing a big ole bulge on some late night show. One I stroked to and blew a big load to, anyway! He and Kenny Loggins were two white boys who could sing their butts off. And they could write songs as well. The mention of Huey Lewis having sizemeat above has got me very curious about him too. Anyone got any juicy Huey info to share? R20 A mouthful of very hot cereal. I can't listen to his voice and while goodlooking I find him very unsexy.

Maybe the two are related. But I think it's because he's so overcoiffed and groomed. He's very conscious of his looks. Of his dick, I don't know. She looked at me, said, "Off the record," and then said, "I don't know if he ever has, but Huey Lewis could suck his own dick if he wanted to. He was sexy when younger, but he hasn't aged well.

He looks like a big piece of bubble gum. He is in the woods, unzips, whips out his dick and starts to piss. It's a faraway shot, but looked a decent size flaccid, best I can tell. Weren't there rumours then he and Carly were more than friends that po'd JT?

I can't get past the fact the he's responsible for so much bland "dad fm" type music, and that he made that Sunday gardening music despite being nowhere near middle age himself. He's a great singer and songwriter, which is more than I can say about a lot of today's so called singers.

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.

Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. What do we know about this blue-eyed soul man? So dreamy! Really, R3? How big are we talking here Huey Lewis size? Yes, r4. Wasn't he married briefly to the late Nicolette Larson? Hes still hot ,I had it bad for him back in the day. All I know is I loved the Doobies' music Where's the meat, McDonald???

Hi MPC r He sounds like he has a mouthful of wet cereal when he sings. Uh, no he's not still hot. Actually, he still looks very sexy in R21's pic. Maybe if he dropped 60 lbs.

Jowls much? Where is that meat for my verificata?? Not one!

Devoted Divers. Posted by Poseidon3 at PM. According to Popdust's Kiss and Tell Girl, John Mayer has been blessed with such an awesome hybrid of flexibility and large penistry, that he can give himself a bj! I was trying to figure out how I could squeeze in the American Psycho scene, but gave up on it… THen there was the story of how when he took part in We Are the World. Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. TOP 10 The sleaziest, raunchiest, and most provocative music videos of the last decade. The medical expert often discusses ways to lose weight and minimize 'bra bulge' and 'stomach bulge'.

Huey lewis crotch bulge

Huey lewis crotch bulge. Share this article

My bubble isn't burst at all because this is not now, nor has it ever been, a size queen site. As I've noted many times in these bulge posts, it's all about seeing things we usually can't or don't, not about whether anyone is hung like a pornstar. Fab site. Love the packaging! The male bulge, the masculine presentation, as good as a treasure trail leading to fantasy land.

Remember when basketball players had legs and oh so short shorts? Anyway, I digress. Love the eye candy! I never got why anyone thought that a bunch of hanging fabric knocking around one's knees helped a player move faster or shift positions more easily!

Surely the opposite would be true. A fave of mine is Tommy Lee Jones in U. Marshalls when he is making his way out of the water after the plane crash. Post a Comment. Thanks, by the way, to our cover boy for this post, the athletic screen star Cornel Wilde. Below we see Mr. Wilde again, this time sporting a s mullet! A perennial Underworld fave, Mr. Clint Walker from his days on Cheyenne Anthony Perkins persuasively taking a break from a movie Friendly Persuasion , , perhaps?

Let's leave it to Tony Dow of Leave it to Beaver Fabian stars in the film Hound-Dog Man. The beefylicious Vince Edwards, taking a swim break from Ben Casey This one could have been categorized in my posts on chests or swimsuits , too!

Chad Everett, standing beside costar Larry Ward, sports a heavenly pair of trousers in The Dakotas Doug McClure worked on The Virginian from and often gave good bulge. Here is a close-up of his face for those who may not be familiar with him. He helped make many a minute episode more palatable as it went along! Guy Williams acting with some of his Lost in Space costars. I say if your loincloth has a bulge, you're really doing something right! This is Ron Ely as Tarzan This is one of the cargo ship crewmen to be found in The Lost Continent Here comes someone we probably never associate with bulging britches, Mr.

James Mason, in the shoreline set Age of Consent This is probably the film that shares the most skin Mason ever put forth, for better or worse. It also appears to be the one in which he wore the most revealing pants without the benefit of underwear, I believe!

Here is an early-'70s shot of Mr. Hugh O'Brian, wearing some crisply clean sportswear and shoes of the era! The TV-movie The Bravos has George Peppard in a cavalry uniform, a get-up that often affords some bulge views in this and other movies. No wonder people liked to call in the cavalry! David Cassidy, star of The Partridge Family , during a casual moment.

This is quite a telling pair of jeans on Keith Carradine of Nashville I thought I had posted this photo of Dennis Cole before , but as it turns out, this is a different one! The other had him in shorts instead of flimsy pants.

Not an actor, but quite a celeb in his all-too-short life, John Kennedy Jr. What do you think of Ryan O'Neal's cutoffs? I'm beginning to get nostalgic for them after this.

We always like to toss out a little Gil Gerard whenever possible. Here he is in his skin-tight costume for Buck Rogers in the 25 th Century The year before that series, Gerard played a man wrongly convicted of a crime who serves ten years in prison and then has to readjust to outside life in the TV-movie Killing Stone In this shot, our eyes have to adjust to those clingy jeans he's got on!

Also in , the world was treated to Robbie Benson in Ice Castles. Sadly, his skating partner in the movie was blind and so couldn't get a look at him in his briefs!

By the way, Benson is now a university professor in Bloomington, Indiana! Next we find the costars of Deathtrap , Christopher Reeve and Michael Caine, and their ladies, meeting up together. General Hospital star Steve Bond, who also appeared memorably in Playgirl magazine more than once. Running from , it was an adult-oriented anthology show that featured quite a few up and coming actors and occasional veterans.

Here in a installment, we see Edward Albert in some simultaneously revealing and confusing blue jeans. He is seduced into and tied to a bed, then forced to try to free himself before it self-destructs with him in it!

The obscure teen flick Jocks stars a handsome young man named Scott Strader who wears some eye-pleasing red sweatpants On dry land, his white trousers sometimes allowed for some ogling There simply aren't enough or any? Watch now as he apparently shows more than he or anyone else bargained for in this series of shots!

Jesus take the wheel! Is that Lloyd Jr. Now, we take a look at Michael Sarrazin in the movie Harry in Your Pocket , all about a small troupe of pickpockets. Sarrazin seems to have something hairy in his pocket, too! At times in the movie, his pants take center stage over the wallet-snatching action of the film. My recent tribute to Matt Houston touched on the crotchetic charms of the beautiful Lee Horsley.

In this photo montage, he and guest star David Cassidy had a phallic face-off. This picture is not of Horsley but of a guest star who's caught up in a fitness contraption. Can you guess the unlikely actor? This isn't much to go on, admittedly. I don't know if you'd gopher him or not.

Star Trek fans know Gary Lockwood as a featured guest star in one of the pilots , though he is also known for A Space Odyssey and other movies and TV shows.

As he crosses a street and fastens his suit jacket, we get a more than eye-popping glimpse of his private parts. He seems to be wearing nothing at all under his dress suit to the point where we pretty much know what Stefanie Powers woke up to every day during their marriage! Finally, we take a look at one of the big guns. John Ireland seen here in 's Southwest Passage with his then-wife Joanne Dru is legend among the well-hung Hollywood stars of old.

She swore she was happy to be curvy - now she's suddenly lost three stone. Patmore aka Lesley Nicol teases Maggie Smith's return in the film's sequel in the works Liam Gallagher's daughter Molly Moorish changes Instagram handle to include his surname a year after their reconciliation Kanye West buys poo emoji cushion for his infamously minimal home while shopping in NY Meghan King Edmonds' husband Jim files for divorce Doctor, 29, is jailed for life after he beat his 'controlling and bullying' mother, 51, to death with a British father is arrested for 'beating his six-month-old daughter to death in a five-star hotel room in The 'healthy' crisps that pile on the pounds: Snacks marketed as 'good for you' have MORE fat and calories Lorry driver Mo Robinson appears in court for the first time charged with 39 counts of manslaughter and Reformed gang member who was living on the streets at 13 but turned his life around when a judge gave him a What utter claptrap!

Professor lashes out as Oxford becomes latest university to insist on Prince Charles's staff blocked The Crown stars from attending an event alongside him, Prince William and No, Mr Bond I expect to have a speaking part! Queen's dresser Angela Kelly reveals how Her Majesty Gown worn by William and Kate's three babies for christening was dyed in Yorkshire Tea, reveals Queen's The steamiest royal romance of them all: As The Crown recreates Princess Margaret's racy bathtub pose, Queen Victoria is brought to life in incredible colourised footage as a young Queen Mother says she could SMELL her year-old daughter's legs burning after thugs hurled a firework at the Fireworks company is slammed for its 'sick and insensitive' advert featuring a dog wearing ear defenders Instagram vows to extend self-harm images ban to drawings and cartoons after outcry over death of British Will he or won't he?

Jeremy Corbyn faces make-or-break decision on backing a pre-Christmas general election After all, they're singing from the same Archbishop of Canterbury faces backlash after suggesting Boris Johnson is pouring 'petrol' on divisions in Operation designed to keep traffic flowing on the M20 in case of disruption to cross-Channel services starts I wanna talk like you-ooh-ooh!

Scientists discover that monkeys speak in dialects and adapt their accents

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And some have decided it was time to share it with Metal Sludge over the years. Sources young and old have been there, and done that for sure. Enjoy our world famous Penis Chart. This is a basic guideline of what you can possibly expect. Circumstances may vary from girl to girl. So if you find a report you disagree with, let me know! Also, I did not sleep with all these guys!! If you have something to add, drop me a line at donnaanderson metalsludge.

He has oral talent and will go down before, during and after sex. It comes in handy because the actual sex is treachery. Is also known to lie about his age, but will give you his home phone number and take you out to eat.

Average size and lacks passion. However, he has hair growing out of the side of his shaft, so be careful if you are going down on him! Good fuck, loves having his face sat on and is insistant that the woman comes. Likes to bite too!!! He is highly intelligent, sensitive, a great writer and has a beautiful, extremely rock hard cock of well proportioned length and width.

Can stay rock hard for a while. Incredibly intense building and fluidity. He was born in Made sure I finished too, which is rare in a rocker! Pretty good going down too. Over all it was a pretty good experience — i give it a 7! Likes to spank asses and is very into anything involving the anus! Also known to be a dick and incredibly self absorbed, as well as wearing extremly tight pants. Generally will last a few minutes during intercourse.

Can be a dick when drunk, so watch out. So not only are you getting laid, but your getting fed! Word has it he is a total sweetheart. He loves huge tits- fake or real, and he will fuck your tits for hours if you let him.

He is a really nice guy, too. About 7 to 8 inches long. He puts the Guns in L. A Guns! He tends to like brunettes his wife is one! He is very discreet about his encounters. His cock is about 8 inches and is average in thickness. Tom is very good orally, likes foreplay and insists on using a condom safety first! He is also very nice to you the next morning. If you are attractive and intelligent, he will hang out with you and possibly look you up the next time he is in the area. Very nice and gentlemanly.

He seems to care about making sure you have some fun too. He will go down on a chick but only has average skills. One girl said that he has no morals and will sleep with anything, but that sort of describes almost any guy in a band!

Loves to eat pussy and can fuck like a madman. Missionary position bores him and will have you flipping like a pancake. A very nice guy who will make sure that you are comfortable, though reports say he has some very strange sexual behaviors.

Gives pretty good oral. Not huge but with the perfect upward g-spot curve. Great kisser, hypnotic eyes, nice body. There is always plenty of booze and drugs available. He buys breakfast in the morning, and even makes sure you have safe transport home. He likes you to put on a show for him, and make sure you leave your stilettos on. Likes foreplay and to talk dirty to you. Also, he has a VERY nice looking cock and is fun to be with.

And he wears briefs if you care. He loves to spank, too. Big time slut, even when he was dating the beautiful Charlize Theron. Known to be a total dick. He is a great kisser, takes his time, and is a totally cool guy.

Also like fingers in his ass during sex, but smokes way too much. Loves oral sex, but only with his favorites. Loves anal sex! Will take you to a adult toy store and buy you whatever sex toy you want and will make you use it in front of him. He loves orgies and group sex. Hosts adult sex parties in hotel rooms. Picks up lots of strippers. He is affectionate, but at times conservative. He has a sarcastic, dry sense of humor, which can rub people the wrong way. He is clean and shaven…..

May not be the best looking but he makes up for it with the intense sexual energy. Easy to spend the night with. He has been known to come quick, but makes up for that with his mouth. He is clean now, so if he can get it up, he is said to be pretty good. Unfortuately, the man will kiss you for about fifteen minutes and thats the end of foreplay. Just seeing if anybody is really reading this. Very sweet but can be very moody. His dick is thick, but not too thick. Also likes to talk during sex, but not necessarily about sex.

Does like to eat pussy though. Loves to kiss and likes to have his nipples and balls sucked. He is up for anything you are including multiple partners and anal. He will wear a condom and will go down on you forever! Plus he will massage you and talk a good game. On a scale of 1 to 10, one girl gave him a 9. Blackie is of average size but huge on making a girl feel like a woman, believe it or not! He has a very large cock and is very intense and sensual. Guns has a nice schlong and his bedroom skills are enough to leave you wanting more.

Also known to be great with his tongue. Very satisfying sexually. Agood lay. Jon E. He will do what it takes to make sure you get off and one girl said he is a 9.

About the size of a pinkie finger. Somewhat fumbling, nervous and awkward. Talks about how he has a girlfriend while he has one hand down your pants. He likes to cum on your breasts and lick it off, so he has no hangups about tasting his own sperm. He also likes to have his ass licked, as well as return the favor. Above average and likes to kiss and cuddle afterwards.

Maybe his dick works out with weights as well.

Huey lewis crotch bulge

Huey lewis crotch bulge