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Communication Breakdown, Stairway to Heaven I don't recall anything else about it, but I bet it was one of my hacker buddies from Parkway West High School who ran it. Express tm Shareware Report, Express tm , Express tm shrpt Soft-Logik Publish.. Written entirely in assembly language by Paul Becker.

Zep gateway bbs child

July 13, Online bartering coming. About 10 other organizations began sending me material to post on my BBS and I saw it as a growing clearing house for newsletters, publications and other info. We Zep gateway bbs child a great download section for some of our early custom programs, and we used to have several BBS parties, and sometimes even some girl users would show up! And as the story goes, Earthlink succeeded gatway being the first BBS in the area to get a T1 Internet connection and then over-selling it's connection with the Zep gateway bbs child marketing idea chilc sending out a floppy disc with all of the dial-up programs needed to get on the Internet.

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It was a good system.

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Communication Breakdown, Stairway to Heaven I don't recall anything else about it, but I bet it was one of my hacker buddies from Parkway West High School who ran it. Express tm Shareware Report, Express tm , Express tm shrpt Soft-Logik Publish.. Written entirely in assembly language by Paul Becker. Lightning destroyed its modem in and the board was retired. Mixer's, J. Mixer's I, J. Mixer's The This list is sooo cool!

This guy wrote his own BBS software, and sold it. I decided to purchase this software, and open my own BBS on my Commodore I was shocked to see someone had remembered my BBS and had it added to your list I also recognized many BBS's that I visited from your list. I also remember having a Wargames dialer that I would run throughout the night looking for other modem signals. Those were some fun times! GamesTown U. The Inflatable Date v3.

After discovering my handle was not only used by someone else nearby, but the "handle" of a notorious murderer, I changed it to Nefarious. Those were the days. Creatures frm the Black..

St Louis Area, St. Christian Connect. Amiga Dispensary Charles whose name I don't remember [The Caravan, maybe? This BBS first ran on a Commodore 64 and later on a I particularly remember one gal called Mission Control, and a couple of odd fellows like Gandalf, Gryphon and a few others. I still have the old disks What I wouldn't give to be able to boot those and go read some 15 year old messages! Typical things closed it down Mostly just paying that darned monthly phone bill.

Those were the days, when baud was considered FAST! Click Here to Browse Artifacts for Org, Society For Freedom of Info. Net Death Camp, Paint! BBS, T. Louis Senior Net, St. Mixers, J. Mixers BBS Dragon's Cave, St.

We also carried FidoNet, and had online games. I was the Sysop: Todd Young. Dark Tower Ph. Den of Happiness, Den of St. Louis, The Den of Happiness InterZone [,,,,], InterZone [,,,11,11], R. Desktop Library, St. Louis City Desktop Libr. Louis City Library BBS Name of the Week!!!!!!

Cosmic Monsters Inc. I Sysop: Mary Voss. Using MajorBBS 6. Infotel at bps. Try our 30 day free trial offer and decide for yourself. General Am. NetWare U. Louis Users Group, St. Louis Users Group New , St. Bought the software from some random guy in Colorado I think. Always dreamed of adding a 2nd floppy drive to allow for more messages per board.

My friends and I tried programming some little online games onto it but were never really successful. Louis around this time and the GBBS software kind of sucked anyhow. I did meet my girlfriend of 5.

Not sure that was a good experience when all is said and done. Electronic Classroom 2, Information Center, Longships Louis Travel Online, St. Louis Online, Travel Online Louis Online Clair Data Connection At one time we were one of the strongest one-line boards in the St. Louis area, To this day I'm still good friends with several people from that time period. Good times I tell you. Hacker's Haven, QuestStar!

BBS, QuestStar! Programmer's Workshop, Programmers Workshop Information BBS Library It had a small but loyal following. I have spotty records that can be available upon request. It was quite cool coming home from school I was 16 , and having a community waiting for you when coming home. Many factors contributed to it going down. I have a picture of that if you'd like..

St Louis Mailserver, St. Louis Mailserver, St. Helmster's House of Hangin, Lordaeron Keep Light Co. School for the Blind, Mo. Submission Member BBS. Commodore Users Group of St. Perotin's Keep, rtfm Node 2 , rtfm alpha, rtfm beta Centre of the Universe, Stream Of Consciousness Sole Survivor, The Sole Survivor, tss. Room World These two Canadian "brothers" would sit around in toques, drink beer, and eat donuts while insulting each other as "Hoseheads or Hosers.

Louis suburb by an orthodontic resident from Saint Louis University.

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Zep gateway bbs child

Zep gateway bbs child

Zep gateway bbs child

Zep gateway bbs child

Zep gateway bbs child

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It was a good system. Charter m ember BBS Direct provides local access 's for easy access. Best quality latest files games info gold mine. Many mail networks including Internet. Trial acce ss provided. Major credit cards. Sysop: Mark Rapp. Using PCBoard Hayes at bps. No fee. PCBoard NJ's preferred BBS for the professional 11 yrs running.

HiSpeed lines for easy access. Gold mine of the best-quality, latest files, games, info. Trial access provided. Also covered computer hardware and software and adult discussions more toward politics and religion than sex. I eventually shut down the BBS when it started to take too much time to run it according to my own standards. I insisted on checking each uploaded file and message. The main reason for running the BBS was to meet people, make friends and learn.

I did all of those. Auntie was unique in offering excellent Sysop control and logging, the best fully-threaded message base around, and doorway access. System upgrades over time: Quadram quadboard, Hercules graphics card, Peachtree 10MB hard disk, baud hayes smartmodem. The BBS ran only at night yes, I used the computer during the day for users of the Epson QX computer and also supported the Epson series of printers.

The main problem I had with the RCPM software was the fact that people had direct access to your computer and its drives and user areas. When I decided to install a hard disk, I switched to the brand new ROS BBS software, since it handled the bulletin board operations without allowing users direct access to your hard drive areas. ROS soon was able to handle two nodes running under a multitasking software DoubleDOS, Desqview so I installed another phone line, bought a newer computer and another modem and let the BBS to run 24 hours a day.

I Switched to MBBS around February , mainly because of the ability to run multi-node operation on a single computer. I had 10 nodes up and running when I finally shut the system down on April I saw the writing on the wall; there was really no need for local BBS systems when you have the World Wide Web available.

Run out of Springfield, NJ, it was never an extremely popular system. However, it stands as one of the longest running Commodore 8-bit based BBS systems in history.

As of this writing September , a single attempt to call the system was made. Unfortunately, only endless rings were heard from the other end of the phone.

It is possible that this system has finally retired. From its beginning, it always ran custom software written by the Sysop. It averaged somewhere about calls a day at its best, and was one of the first baud systems in the area. It should be noted that most of the content from this system has been archived and will one day be available on the web. The two line ability was introduced when the system acquired a hard drive multiplexer for the pair of Zenith? A noteworthy item about this system was that it featured special access areas for students and faculty of Drew University.

I was totally hooked and loved maintaining it. Fidonet was a joy to be part of. Many of the things I learned about automation and system maintenance from Second Portal I apply today at my current job.

Although it was a small BBS, we had a very large collection of door games enjoyed by many people. It's funny, but many people that used the board I later met inadvertently through some walk of life. I have even worked with a few of them and still work with one at my current job! I wanted my phone line for Internet access.

Sorry guys! I enjoy the latter more. Using Galacticomm WorldGroup 1. Free trial period. Many different subscripition plans. Also we are a local area hub for Major. Soon enough, my friend and I were swapping warez and swiping phone codes so we could dial into west coast BBSes.

I almost lost my virginity to an "older" woman 20s who met me on another BBS it's probably on your list. She took me to the mall and bought me floppy discs. I was too scared to go through with it. These days. Ah, god bless the pre-internet days. Includes everything retro We are always working at making it better It's currently work in progress.

Please be patient with us. Thank you! Finally took it down when I went back to school in The unique humor and writing abilities of the sysop made this system a quite enjoyable experience. The fact that it was run on a Commodore 64 didn't bother most people because the site's content was just too much fun.

No online games or anything, just a fantastic group of creative energies contributing to the experience that was What BBS? It started off as a 4 line sci-fi image download 6 CD changer and small chat. Then moved to the internet as Chatropolis. It's a shame not many BBS's made the transition to the net. We were one of the first and had to write our own software in the early 90's to do it.

All the time hearing it can't be done and nobody will come. Well we rate as high as on Alexa and generate 15, paid memberships per year. My early days in the late 80's early 90's with BBS'ing has been a major source of our success. We now run on a Mbit connection and in we were one of the first T3's in NJ at a cost of 72, But faith and a clear picture that I didn't want to be a cliquey site that booted anyone that said something the least bit offensive has continued our growth to this day.

Mine was only a small BBS, but I still had users and never advertised it anywhere! People found a lot by word-of-mouth. Other local sysops tended to know each other over the BBS chat, if not in person.

Sometimes as many as 30 or more would come, sometimes dragging their computers along to be looked at and fixed by the 'FNG' experts! All these years later many of us are still very good friends and still get together whenever we can. In some ways, it was meant to be a virtual online horror show as even the SysOp claimed to roost in Lost Souls Cemetery. Although the BBS only ran on one phone line, there was no shortage of callers or files to download and the SysOp was often available to chat with users.

I do not know the exact timespan, but it was not long if I recall correctly. The BBS was written in Pascal. I am also attaching a copy of the manual. Good thing I was able to retrieve the file off of a failing backup tape. It was a fun game.

Some very popular Doors Online games such as Bordello. Candlelight Online, Candlelight Online! Remote Host was renamed to Candlelight Online in until the system went offline in The years are right, actually I am not sure about the telephone number, but that is the one you have. I am an attorney, and started the BBS, for video game information in either or What a great time I had, figuring out the software and everything else that was required to run a multiline Wildcat board in the late 80s.

Heck, its over 10 years ago. Anyway, I was in fidonet when the big split occurred in Man, how important did we think that stuff was at the time. I helped start Globalnet in the 90s, and finally shut down the board in when I started a web site.

Today that web site is SECLaw.

Zep gateway bbs child

Zep gateway bbs child

Zep gateway bbs child